TellPopeyes Survey is the customer feedback process conducted by for the restaurants to know the dining experiences of the customers who come to dine-in and to help the consumers serve better every time.

TellPopeyes conducts this survey to know the consumer experiences and the changes that can be made for the betterment for the menu and serving the customers the right amount of satisfaction dining in the Popeyes restaurants.

You need to keep a few things while taking the survey such as things you require to fill in the Popeyes survey and the requirements for filling website and the motive behind the survey and why it is supposed to be filled.

TellPopeyes Survey   or  Give Your Feedback

TellPopeyes Survey – Popeyes USA Guest Experience Survey

The following are the objectives and motives of the Popeyes survey and why the restaurants conduct this experiment amongst the customers who come to dine-in.


  1. To know the customer satisfaction and the things that are needed to be changed and the work that can be done on it.
  2. To connect with the consumers and show that the restaurants care about the well being of the consumers.
  3. To know how the staff and management and the service that has been served to the consumers.
  4. To get the ratings from the consumers of the work done by the restaurants in hospitality and food that is being provided by the restaurants.
  5. With the help of, they get the details of distress or any slight inconvenience from the staff to the consumers, such as harsh behavior and quality and quantity of food or any other issue that is being raised by the customer coming in to dine.

The above mentioned are the mainly targetted motives of the restaurants for the consumers.

Tell Popeyes customer survey

Rules for taking the Feedback.

You need to be in under these rules, regulations, and eligibility to take this survey. Follow the below mentioned guide to rules and regulations of taking the survey.

Company NamePopeyes
RewardFree Chicken
LanguageEnglish, Spanish
  • The consumer taking the survey should be of the age of 16 years or above 16 years.
  • The consumer should be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • Should have at least visited the Popeyes restaurant.
  • The consumer should be possessing the invitation for taking the survey.
  • No employee or their families are allowed to participate in the survey or applying for the sweepstakes.
  • The consumer should be having a survey invitation code.
  • The consumer can only take one survey at one time which is supposed to mean one survey in one month.

The above-mentioned rules are for the consumers looking forward to taking the survey.

Requirements for taking the Popeyes Survey.

There are a few requirements needed to fill the survey such as the below-mentioned ones

  • An electronic device that has an active internet connection such as a laptop, computer, cellphone or a tablet.
  • Purchase receipt from the most recent visit of any Popeyes restaurant.
  • Basic knowledge of English and Spanish language.

These are the most basic requirements for filling in the survey.

Remember, the survey invitation code just stays valid for 2 days after the purchase made, so better hurry before the invitation code expires.

Tellpopeyes Guest experience Feedback

How to Take Survey?

Keep these instructions and follow them wisely to get the survey filled.

  • Open your device’s web browser and navigate to
  • Once you visit the website on the homepage you will the button showing Take Survey.
  • Click on Take survey to start with the survey.
  • You will be taken to a new page where you have to enter the restaurant number, time, place, and date of your visit to the Popeyes restaurant.
  • You will now be asked to enter the amount of the bill on your receipt that you got from the restaurant for verification purposes.
  • Click on the ‘Start’ After you are done filling out this information.
  • Answer the questions based on the last visit to the restaurant and fill out the questions that have been asked to you fill out.
  • Click on the submit option after you are done filling out the details of the survey criteria.
  • You will now be taken to the next page where you have to fill out the details such as your contact details, your age, your house address, and your Monthly income.
  • Click on the finish button after filling out the Survey.
  • You will now eligible to enter the Popeyes Sweepstakes finally than you have to wait for the winners to be announced.

You have to wait for the winners to announce for the Popeyes survey sweepstakes.

TellPopeyes Survey Rewards

The survey for the restaurants will be rewarded with certain things such as a gift card, voucher or a coupon.

  • When you are done with finishing the TellPopeyes feedback form you will now be eligible to enter the sweepstakes.
  • The winner of the sweepstakes will be announced on the official website of the restaurant of Popeyes.
  • If you are lucky enough you will be rewarded with a $1000 as a gift card which will be non-transferable or non-redeemable by any other person.
  • If you win the details will be sent to you by the authorities on the email address that you used to fill in the survey.
  • The gift card will stay valid for a limited period of time so better redeem the rewards within the time period.

TellPopeyes Feedback Questions

The questions that will be asked to you in the survey are pretty simple and obvious for the customers who recently visited the Popeyes restaurant, and here are the few examples of the questions that might be asked to you while taking the TellPopeyes survey.

  • Was the order served precisely as per asked?
  • What was the quality of the foods and drinks that were served in the restaurants?
  • How was the taste of the food and drinks that were served on your order?
  • Were the food prices in range?
  • Do you visit the restaurant more often?
  • If yes how often?
  • How was the cleanliness and Hygiene of the restaurant?
  • Was the staff of the restaurant friendly enough?
  • Were the food items that you ordered fresh?
  • Rate the restaurant overall according to your satisfaction and your experience.

These are just a few examples of the questions that might come to your survey.

Popeyes Holidays

Other secondary details and information you need to know as a consumer about the food-chain such as the holidays and the days the Restaurant is closed.

The restaurant stays closed on only two days such as

  • Easter Sunday.
  • Christmas day.

The Restaurant stays open on all the other holidays.

In conclusion, this all a consumer looking forward to taking the Tellpopeyes Survey – Popeyes USA Guest Experience Survey needs to know and all the pros and cons with primary details such as the requirements, steps, and rules have been mentioned for the consumer looking forward to taking the survey needs to know.

13 thoughts on “TellPopeyes”

  1. This location is a zoo, management can’t control the employee’s, they are disrespectful to the customer, Yesterday @ 7:35 pm @ popeyes #5656, place my order and did get it until 8:20, the fry guy is back their dancing eating an apply pie & on the cell phone, contaminating the food, the manager is yell at him about everything my husband has pointed out, everybody orders was messed up people are coming back in from the drive thru complaining about there orders and the girl yell at the customers and the manager say nothing to them. This place going to lose a lot of customer if this keep happening, I have never seen anything like before in my life, this manager don’t know how to manage are she scared of her employees. They need some help!! I’m done with this location and live 7 miles away, I’ll drive the extra 4 miles to South Cobb Popeye’s Customer service is very good over there.

  2. My complaint is with the Popeyes in Forrest City Ark, off I40 west bound Exit 241. Twice I been told using 2 different receipts/ 2 different codes from tellspopeyes that my code is wrong. With out even looking at number are trying to find out, so call mgr said it wrong. I drive for Swift Trucking and have been going there for over 3 years and never had any problems up and till now. Mgr in question is Mexican man maybe Arab, and black woman I guess mgr too. She/ he looks pertain they see a problem. I draw conclusions they just don’t want to Honor code. Last time there I even pull up tellpopeyes on my phone show him how to get code. He still refuse to honor. I have always spent and additional 10- 15 dollars on other items to go,[ snack on driving]. I know they are new hire and yet have skills in management. Not blame it on race, these 2 people lack people skills. I took the code to another popeyes in route had no problem greed with a smile and ask to come back.

  3. I occasionally stop by your store number 11736 because I really like you spicy chicken recipe. Today it took 50 minutes from the time I walked in to place my order and receive my order. I don’t know what the problem was, there appeared to be 6 people working in the store. I also realize we live in a multilingual country but the person taking the orders barely spoke English and all the communication I heard from the workers was in Spanish. She asked me my name and I said Dave she typed Devis for the receipt. I also didn’t like that you don’t have prices on the menu just calories. If I was worried about calories I would be in there and 8.69 for 5 chicken tenders is a bit much and add in the 50 min wait and you have a failing combination.

  4. I was in the Sylacauga Al. restaurant at 3:50 pm on 06/21/2019 and had a very poor experience from the time I place my order to the time I departed. I waited for eight minutes for someone to take myorder, ten minutes later no one was processing it. Other customers was waiting on their orders also . Eight employees was standing around doing nothing waiting on someone else to fill the orders. When someone did start to complete my order she informed me they was out of bread. This is busy hours that this happens very often. Three out of the last five times I have been in the restaurant they was out of some type of food on the menu .No employee was attempting to solve the problem until I spoke up and ask for a refund. Peak hours they should have food available with no waiting. It appears there is a management problem in this restaurant and should be addressed. I am awaiting for your remarks on this issue.

  5. Customer service was nonexistent! Order taker was terrible, didn’t even ask me for my order. Had to ask her if she was taking orders. Did not even say thanks when I paid for my order.
    Seemed totally bored to have to be working there.

  6. Went to popeyes drive three place order and did not get all my items Sunday 23 June address! 905N Beltline road Grand Prairie.Tx75050 phone no 9722370450 very dispoined

  7. I love Popeyes chicken and side dish but every time I go there I have to wait for chicken to be cooked for 15 minutes

  8. Manager at the #2456 was very rude to me. She was impatient and dismissive…. I felt embarrassed and put upon.

  9. with popeyes store all is something diferrent all the went to popeyes the one lake underhill and semoran blvd,i ask for two chicken breasts but the front lady said look at the menu.First im the one whos paying and second when i get home the chicken was spicy and i said mild.GOOD JOB.MORON


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